The Nightmare Of My Daughter’s Arrest: The Call No Mother Wants To Get

Last month I received a telephone call that I never expected to get. It was my daughter calling me from a holding cell at the regional police headquarters. They were holding her there until she sobered up after a night out with her friends at a party. She had been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.


After getting off the phone with her, I sent my husband to pick her up from the police station and get all the required information on what to do next. In the meantime, I started doing some research because I wanted to find a DUI lawyer for my daughter prior to she got home. Ideally by then she would be sobered up enough to speak to us about her poor choices. I discovered a great deal of information on ways to choose a DUI attorney that came in useful as I continued to browse. I discovered a few cheap DUI lawyers in our area but I would much rather have my daughter spend more cash the best DUI attorney in town. I do not want just anyone defend my daughter.


My spouse finally got home and much to my surprise he had a handful of information about why hire a DUI lawyer, simple ways to find a DUI attorney, the average price for DUI attorney fees, and a full list of drunk driving defense lawyers in the area. This was all the information I needed and then some. My embarrassed daughter went to her room with tears in her eyes. I could tell that my husband really gave her a piece of his mind. Now was not a good time for us to talk with her about her selfish and unsafe choice to drive under the influence.


The following morning, she came downstairs for breakfast where my husband and I laid out all the DUI attorney information out on the table. She began by apologizing and talking with us about exactly what took place. We talked to her about exactly what she needs to do next and that this is her problem that she has to work out. It doesn’t just stop at finding a drunk driving lawyer.  It went on to finding drug and alcohol education programs that she would have to go through. My husband and I determined that she needed to attend a couple of alcoholics anonymous meetings and take part in community service. By doing this she could comprehend the consequences of her actions.


To anyone who is searching for a DUI defense attorney, it’s essential to do your research. Speak to as many attorneys as feasible since they all can help answer all the questions that you might have after being arrested and charged for drunk driving or driving under the influence. When looking for an attorney keep in mind also that, like hiring a plumbing technician, cheaper isn’t really always the very best path to take. You want to make certain that the DUI lawyer you work with has experience in the industry.


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